No one killed the blackbuck

salman Khan
Actor Salman Khan. Source: Internet

Salman Khan getting acquitted for the 18-year-old Arms Act case did not come as a shocker. In fact, social media was armed with trolls which they unleashed as soon as the news was out. While some hailed him as “sultan of acquittals”, others were aimed at the judiciary and verdict, and a few took a dig at his previous cases as well. #SalmanKhan, #ArmsAct, #SalmanVerdict and #Blackbuck were some of the top-trending hashtags on Twitter.

“He killed a BUCK but BUCKS saved him,” wrote one user. The witty trolls which dripped sarcasm got the netizen world guffawing. “#SalmanKhan Gets Acquitted Faster Than I Cook Maggi. BHAI ROX” another user pointed out. “Wow, Salman’s driver can shoot well too? What a talent.” posted a user, which showed that netizens haven’t forgotten or forgiven the hit-and-run case. 

“Finally buck ruled! All that buck buck that the buck was killed turns out to be buckwas! Must’ve been a suicide!!,” another used played the puns. Trollers did not miss the opportunity to take a dig at the other issues that were already making its round in the internet. “The only way #SalmanKhan was guilty if poor #Blackbuck was an adopted #Cow” a troll read. 

Twitterati was also quick to guess the title of Bhai’s next movie – “#deer Zindagi”. Some of the other top-trending tweets include: “If Salman is found guilty today IN Arms Act case by Jodhpur Court, I will lose faith in money!” and “How did the deer die? Salman Khan: All my near dears gets suicidal e.g. Aishwarya weds Abhishek”.

The actor himself took to Twitter to thank his well-wishers. “Thank you for all the support and good wishes”, read his tweet. Staunch supporters of Salman proved their loyalty yet again with posts which said “Haters gonna hate”. They also reminded the world of the philanthropist cap the actor has been donning and sporting for the past couple of years. 


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