No more open-book exams for class IX and XI CBSE students


New Delhi: Two years after it was introduced, CBSE has decided that students of class IX and XI can no longer carry textbooks to examination halls from this academic year as, the board said, this practice was hindering development of students’ critical abilities.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to discontinue Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) as negative feedback has been received from schools about the system, board officials said.

“Based on discussion with various stakeholders the board has decided to withdraw OTBA from the Scheme of Studies in Classes IX and XI from the Session 2017-18 after we got feedback from schools that the system was hindering the development of critical abilities of students,” a senior board official said.

OTBA was introduced by CBSE in Class IX for Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science and final examination of Class XI in a few subjects such as Economics, Biology and Geography from March, 2014.

Under OTBA, students were provided text materials four months in advance and they were allowed to carry the case studies during the examination.

The students were allowed to refer to their notes or textbooks while answering questions. The focus was not on rote-learning, but on applying that information critically.


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