Next Enti?: A cliched gender stereotyping mess

Next Enti?
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From the very first scene itself, something seems off and unnatural. The film starts with Tammy (Tamannaah) and Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) conversing in a flirty and sassy way that’s seen a lot in the first-meeting scenes in many Hollywood films and this, coming from a Telugu film, seems very unnatural. This film like meeting an American NRI kid for the first time and being confused after seeing their foreign body language in an Indian body. The entire film is like that, it just doesn’t feel right.

The first scene also has the lead characters talking to each other about how ‘abbailu andaru inthe and ammailu andaru inthe’, and that’s just the beginning of gender stereotyping in this film.

Right after the first conversation between the two, the narrative jumps to six months down the line when the two are living together but evidently nothing happens between them and that results in their breakup. Tammy starts dating a much older divorcee Krish (Navdeep) who comes, has a few long drawn sleep inducing conversations with Tammy and then is dumped by her for reasons best known to him. Sanju tries his hand at an arranged marriage where tries being with the girl and eventually breaks up with her for a reason that is extremely cliched. Then there’s an interval bang that’s just a grasping-at-straws attempt at an interval bang.

It would have gone a long way if the film focused more on the development of characters instead of trying to emphasize and constantly reiterate on gender stereotypes. The storyline is very similar to Love Aaj Kal, in the sense that the lead pair meets, hits it off, dates, breaks up, tries other people and finally comes back to each other but lacks the characterisation that Love Aaj Kal has. Because of this, the crucial connect factor is lost, as the viewers don’t have anything they can relate to in this film. This genre worked to an extent in Bollywood with the likes of Imran Khan, Saif Ali Khan, etc, but the closest a Telugu film got to this genre is probably Orange.

As far as the performances go, Sarath Babu is the only person who can be credited with good performance in this film. Sundeep Kishan’s Sanju and Tamannaah’s Tammy are disappointing and it is surprising, especially Sundeep’s performance, considering how well he performed in his previous films. Their performances seem very exaggerated and caricatured. The narrative falls flat at many points and the songs popping up every few minutes again take the attention away.

The camera work is the only aspect of the film that feels professional, as it has pretty amazing shots. Manish Chandra has done a very commendable job with the camera.