Friday, July 2, 2021

News aggregator app

News aggregator apps can be a boon, if done right. Any well made news aggregator can become your go-to app on your phone, if you spend enough time on it. It’s all about giving enough feedback to finally get what you like. The app we’re talking about today is ‘Flipboard’ and has been around for some time now. Flipboard is one of the more popular news aggregator apps, and for good reason too. While it’s interface has been over-hauled a few times, Flipboard is still known for a simple experience. It’s a straightforward three step process. Step 1:

Download the app. Step 2: Register or signin with an existing social media account, I prefer doing this with Facebook. Step 3: choose your areas of interest. And you’re set. When you choose a category, like Technology for example, Flipboard offers subcategories for you choose from to personalize your feed with news clips you would be interested in.

This choosing of sub categories can be a little time consuming, but consider it as a one time investment – payable in installments if you please. Once you choose your sub-categories, Flipboard offers you a magazine board type experience that makes browsing through articles, a breeze.

At a first glance, the app seems to be skewed for western users offering categories and subcategories that are more applicable to their geography. But this is easily fixed: just search for specific areas that you are interested in, say Indian Politics or Indian Economy. As expected the app lets you share via social media too. One feature that needs pointing out is the ability to save an article to read offline. A feature especially important if you’re in and out of date and wifi.

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