32,223 new voters in Nagarkurnool district

new voters

Nagarkurnool: A total of 32,223 new voters enrolled in the electoral rolls in Achampet, Nagarkurnool, Kalwakurthy and Kollapur Assembly constituencies in Nagarkurnool district.

While Kollapur Assembly constituency saw the highest number of new voters with 13,214, Nagarkurnool saw 9,014 new voters, followed by 5,446 new voters in Achampet and 4,549 voters in Kalwakurthy constituencies.

Out of the 1,98,670 total voters enrolled in Nagarkurnool constituency, 99,934 are male, 98,726 are female and 10 are others. In Kalwakurthy constituency, out of the total 2,00,687 voters, 1,02,324 are male, 98,335 are female and 27 other voters.

In Kollapur constituency, out of the total 2,03,667 voters, 1,03,110 are male, 99,642 are female and 22 are others. In Achampet constituency, out of the total 2,08,106 voters, 1,04,979 are male, 1,03,110 are female and 18 are others.