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The city has updated itself in terms of fashion, but it’s time to shift the gears. A new trend is set on an everyday basis almost and, while we look out for what’s comfy, keeping ourselves abreast of the latest trends is a must. 

Flare jeans
They never really went out of trend but they’re trending more now. This is a perfect pick for every body type, especially if you know the general fits that will complement your figure. “I used to own a couple of flare jeans but now that I have put on weight I gave it to others,” says Ramya, who is preparing for her CSE. This shouldn’t be a reason for disowning your favourite flare jeans, and if you carry weight on your hips and thighs simply opt for wider flares.

Culottes pant
This is another wardrobe essential and a comeback trend that is comfy and stylish. They come in different styles like stripes, denim, and leather. “It is versatile, very comfortable and something I see a lot of girls wearing,” says Zuali, a student.

The last time you wore this must have be when you were nine-years-old or even younger. They are here again, and celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift have all picked up this trend. These outfits give you that boyish and sassy look.

Knee ripped jeans
It is more like the sibling of worn-out jeans, but this one is torn just on the knees. It’s either a straight fine cut or a distorted cut. You don’t need to go to the malls to buy it, you can simply browse through the net for some DIY tips to don this style.
It’s better late than never, so try these trends before they are out of fashion!


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