Never waste, always reinvent your leftover food

leftover food

Instead of going through the guilt trip and throwing away the leftover rice, curry or the overly-ripe banana in the dustbin, reinvent them. Here’s a compilation of a few food that we use on a daily basis and often lands in the dustbin.


A staple food for Indians, rice is usually served with a few main dishes along with bread. What we often forget is its versatility — rice can be used as a base for curries, desserts and other quick bites.

Depending on how much rice is left, you can try making rice pancakes, which are made of rice, egg, herbs and spices like pepper and cinnamon. Or, a rice bowl for your lunch by simply stir-frying it with eggs, herbs and spices. They are easy to make and delicious.

Banana fritters

When your bananas in the basket are turning black from yellow, do not dispose them. You can use them to make banana cakes, because ripe bananas give a more brownish colour and stronger flavour. Secondly, you can try making the banana fritters, which goes well with ice cream for desserts.


If the watermelon you brought a few days ago is still in the refrigerator and is losing its freshness, use it to make a cooler to beat the heat. Put scoops of watermelon, sugar, lemon juice and mint in the blender — there can be nothing more refreshing than this juice. You can also prepare an exotic salad with herbs and melons.