What’s in a name?


Geography is fascinating and nature is enchanting; when a place has magic tucked deep in every nook and cranny – what’s there in a name? Well, this is the only possible explanation for giving these places some of the most funniest names.

Here, check out these places which were… let’s just say, weren’t named with thought.

Poo, Himachal Pradesh

Poo or Pooh is a small town in Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh. With the population of a mere 1,192, this place is known for its natural environment, green fields, apricot orchards, vineyards, and almond trees. History has it that Poo was an important trading centre in the early 11th century and when this place was first found by AH Francke (a German Tibetologist), it was the first village he found where the language was entirely Tibetan.

Kala Bakra, Punjab

“I am XYZ and I come from Kala Bakra” – This XYZ dreads introductions and we don’t blame him. This “Black Goat” village lies in the Jalandhar-Pathankot road. The village has its own railway station, primary and secondary schools, and a government hospital. These details are mention-worthy because it is a generous development for a place whose population comprises 2,456 (according to 1991 census). Kala Bakra is known for being the home of Gurbachan Singh Rai OBI, a Subedar Major in the Indian Army, Tug of War and Kabadi champion of Punjab and Col BS Rai. So, when are you planning to visit Black Goat aka Kala Bakra?

Kutta, Karnataka

Known for its enchanting wild life, Kutta is a beautiful village located in south of Coorg which is very close to Karnataka-Kerala border. Also, it is just 10 kilometres away from Nagarhole National Park. Well, this name is sort of appropriate for the description. Though this tiny village doesn’t have any particular tourist attraction as such, it is known for its homestays and resorts. Also, the Irupu Falls in the jungles is just a short drive from Kutta.