Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Muharram, an example of communal harmony

Mancherial: Though erstwhile Adilabad district registers sporadic communal clashes, it is also known for its communal harmony. One such example communal harmony are Lambadas also known as Banjaras of Pulimadugu village in Mandamarri mandal, who observe Muharram, locally called as Peerila Panduga with pomp and gaiety. They have been revering Imam Hussain, grandson of Prophet Mohammed from 50 years.

Located on Mancherial-Bellampalli road, Pulimadugu has around 1,000 Lambada people, one of scheduled tribes. It has just one family following Islam religion. However, dwellers of tiny habitation stand out for observing Muharram, which is one of key festivals of Telangana and is observed for 10 days.

Banoth Ramulu, a native of this sleepy village told ‘Telangana Today’ that they had been observing it from last 50 years. “After Ruyyadi village in Talamadugu mandal of Adilabad district, Banjaras of Pulimadugu revere Hussain and take part in rituals and processions without fail. It is an important religious affair for members of Lambada community here,” he added.

Chand Pasha, a imam, said the tribals show great devotion and organise the procession. Tribals of Pulimadugu worshipped Imam Hussain by following customs of Islam. Their spiritual approach was unique, he said.

For the finale, people from Pulimadugu and neighbouring villages converge on the banks of a stream and immerse the dieties in water. It is spectacular to see when men and women dance to drum beats, traditional and folk songs. The revelries last till midnight.

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