Microsoft doubles down on Windows as PCs become lifeline: Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

New Delhi: Windows 10 monthly active devices are up double digits year-over-year, across commercial, consumer and education and according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the company is now doubling down on the momentum.

PCs have become mission critical to sustain work, learning, and life at home and maintain business continuity in the enterprise in a remote everything world.

“The last nine months or so have proven that when it comes to Windows and PCs, they become mission-critical because when it comes to remote learning, remote work and any type of activity and productivity, in particular, depends on having PCs and applications on PCs. So, we are doubling down on it,” Nadella said last week.

“We will have the largest lineup of Surface and OEM devices ever this holiday season to support every person and work style,” he informed during the conference call with analysts.

The innovation in Windows, and Microsoft 365 is the best way to conceptualise how we even think about Windows “because it’s one surface area where we want to deliver our best payloads for productivity, communications, collaboration, business process”.

Nadella said the company will keep working even on the form function innovation as well.

“So, even if you look at the holiday lineup of devices, it’s great to see that, large screens, small screens, mobile, different chip architectures that make it pretty attractive to have a Windows device with you always. So, that’s how we look at it. It’s very important,” he emphasised.

“I think, if anything, even mobile-only countries and mobile-only scenarios are recognizing that they also can do with some help with additional screens. And so, that’s something that we look forward to”.

More than ever, companies need to empower domain experts to increase the rate of digitisation across the enterprise.

Microsoft Power Platform is the only low-code/no code solution that enables anyone in an organisation to rapidly create an application, build a virtual agent, automate a workflow, or analyse data.

“Power Platform now has more than 10 million monthly active users at more than 500,000 organisations, from IKEA to Toyota. PayPal, for example, is using Power BI within Teams to expand access to data insights,” Nadella said.