Messaging platform Telegram blocked in Iran

Telegram logo.

Tehran: Encrypted messaging platform Telegram has been blocked in Iran, highlighting the regime’s concern over its role in organising widespread unrest that has rippled through the country in recent months, the media reported.

More than 40 million Iranians, which is half of the country’s population, use the popular messaging platform to communicate.

“Using the app was prohibited under a ruling by a Tehran-based court,” The Wall Street Journal reported late on Monday.

When the ban is implemented, Telegram will join the likes of social media giant Facebook and micro-blogging site Twitter that were banned in Iran.

Meanwhile, Russian telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor on Sunday banned a number of Google IP addresses that allow Telegram to escape blockage in Russia over user data disputes.

“Google failed to meet the requirements of Roskomnadzor and in violation of a court verdict continued to allow Telegram to use its IP addresses to carry out activities in Russia,” Roskomnadzor said in a statement cited by Xinhua news agency.

Roskomnadzor began blocking Telegram in accordance with a court decision due to the messenger’s refusal to provide encryption keys necessary to decode user data.

However, Telegram managed to bypass the blocking and continued its activities using IP addresses belonging to Google and other technology companies.