Mehreen makes thunderous exit from IIFA

Actor Mehreen

Actor Mehreen has courted a controversy at the recently-concluded IIFA Utsavam. The 21-year-old actor, who has only one film to her credit in Telugu, threw tantrums at the green carpet demanding a seat in the front (A) row. Mehreen, accompanied by her mother, spent some good time on the green carpet posing for the shutterbugs and eventually insisted to her manager that she be seated in the front row. Initially, Mehreen was allotted A7 seat but it was occupied by ace music composer Devi Sri Prasad, who was also the winner in Best Music Director category.

“Mehreen was assigned a front line seat and after learning that Devi Sri Prasad sat in it, she sat in the second row, which is fine. Upon her manager’s request, we offered her another seat in the front row but the disgruntled actor showed her displeasure and left midway, shouting at him. Usually, it’s a custom to have the biggest stars sit in the first few rows. Mehreen is a newcomer and it’s unfair on her part to crib about the seating arrangement. She was lucky enough to snag a front row seat thanks to her manager; it was unethical to leave the show midway,” observes one of the organisers of the event.


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