Meet Teja Paruchuri, man behind popular YouTube channel Vismai Foods

Teja Paruchuri

When you eat food, your world should revolve around what you are eating, nothing else should matter – these wise words can only come from a hardcore foodie. And Teja Paruchuri, the man behind the highly popular YouTube channel Vismai Foods, definitely falls in the hardcore foodie category.

With over 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube, Vismai Foods has come a long way since it was launched in 2016. If you ever search for a Veg Manchurian recipe, Vismai Foods’ video with 12 million views is sure to pop up in your feed. His videos for Rava laddu, Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani, Pepper rasam, and Mysore pak to name a few are equally popular with people just finding their way in the kitchen.

His forte is simple recipes told in a fluid style without any fluff. That explains why almost every upload of his clocks million views within days. “You know, it’s the most simple and easy recipes that people find very hard to cook. The few ingredients make all the difference,” states Teja.

He speaks from experience, born in a family in hotel business; Teja learnt first hand why basics matter. “I used to observe the cooks at our hotel as a child. Only two people from our family actually ended up in the food business. I sometimes add certain ingredients in a different order than the norm, that’s because I have perfected that recipe countless number of times before putting it out for the public to see. As a creator, I need to know what I am talking about. I place a lot of importance on authenticity,” says the 28-year-old. His passion for what he does reflects everywhere.

Once you reach a million followers on social media, it’s not possible or practical to personally go through all the comments landing on your page, but Teja goes through every single comment. “That is how you connect to your audience. If I leave it to a third person, I won’t know what the viewers are really thinking. It also helps me stay grounded,” adds Teja.

He has also been juggling a career in the Telugu film industry as a voice-over artiste and as an assistant director in films while doing YouTube. Those who watched the Spider-man: Homecoming in Telugu will recognise him as the voice of actor Tom Holland.

Working out of a studio most days, he has people helping him out with camera work and editing. “I used to do that on my own previously, but now the other projects don’t leave me with much time.” On a lighter note, ask him what he does with all that food he cooks? He quips, “My team eats everything. They live for shoot days (laughs).”

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