Hyderabad: Media firm holds debate on parenting


Hyderabad: To unite people for progressive and holistic education, Sciensation Society, a media firm involved in science communication, organised ‘Reforming Education, a Debate on Parenting and 21st Century Pedagogy’ at Prasad Labs on Sunday.

The debate was organised to promote scientific temperament amongst school students with children of different age groups participating and taking questions from the parents and vice versa.

“We need to foster skills like creativity and imagination. The skills that are relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow. Teachers should teach how to learn and that is more important,” one of the parents who took part in the debate said.

The interaction also focused on science as a way of life – the vision of Professor Alladi Ramakrishna (Indian Mathematician and the Founder of Institute for Mathematical Sciences).

The society also organised a skit to demonstrate research based learning and innovation in pedagogy, by explaining differential calculus within 10 minutes. The team largely consisted of 4th and 5th grade students.

The event was organised as part of the audio launch of Egise Tarajuvvalu, a children’s film promoting scientific temperament, directed by Mahesh Kathi.