Master new skills by following these YouTube channels


It is never a bad idea to keep some time aside from your hectic schedule to indulge in an art you are passionate about. If you have a thing for handcrafting, quilling is definitely something you need to check out.

These YouTube channels provide easy tutorials to learn one of the most popular handicrafts and create your own jewellery, home décor items and more.

Ayani Art

Learn to create endless items through quilling by following this channel. It not only helps you learn how to make specific items, but also pushes your horizon of imagination and creativity, prompting you to think.

JK ArtsMaster new skills by following these YouTube channels

Team JK Arts comprises of Jharna, Khushboo, Pooja and Raj Juriani, and they offer a wide range of DIY tutorials pertaining to handicraft. However, their quilling videos are exceptionally interesting to check out.

Paper Quilling Art

A gift is always special. However, it becomes all the more cherished when it is made by one’s own hands. Learn to make a few and surprise your friends and family with the help of Paper Quilling Art, which provides you with a plethora of options.

Paper TalesMaster new skills by following these YouTube channels

Solely dedicated to crafting that pertains to paper, there is so much to learn from this channel. Explore the realms of paper art through Paper Tales, and make items easily, without compromising on perfection.


To enhance your dexterity by leaps and bounds, check this channel out without fail. It offers tutorials in a variety of handicraft, mainly embroidery and quilling. The quilling lessons are easy and interesting.