Marriage certificates in a jiffy, thanks to T-Registration app


Hyderabad: Applying for a marriage certificate is now just a mobile app away! All one has to do is download an application, fill-up details, apply for registration and fix a meeting. On the appointed day, the applicants can simply walk into the nearest designated registration office, where the Registrar, who already has your information, will issue the marriage certificate in 10 minutes.

This is not all! You can use the same mobile app to download the encumbrance certificate of a property and even buy e-stamps for property registrations.

In an effort to take citizen services closer to a generation that spends a lot of time on their mobiles phones, the Registrations and Stamps department of Telangana State has launched a unique mobile app titled T-Registration.

Developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Telangana and launched without much fanfare on Friday, the T-Registration mobile application is yet another step from the department in making its services available through online platforms.

“At the moment, we are providing Hindu marriage registration services but in the coming days, more services will be added. A majority of people from the younger demographics are comfortable using mobile phones and accessing public services. That’s the reason for this mobile app,” says Deputy IG, Stamps and Registrations, Vemula Srinivasulu.

In the coming months, the authorities are planning to add more features to T-Registration mobile app. In addition to introducing the feature of purchasing e-stamps and encumbrance certificates on properties, the mobile application will showcase details of documents registration, revenue collected from vending eStamps, registering documents, applications for mutations and allowing public data entry feature that will enable public to enter their data before visiting the Sub-Registrar Office (SRO) for registrations.

The mobile app is also envisaged to act as a ready reckoner for property buyers who frequently struggle with doubts over the procedures involved during registrations. Vital information such as precautions needed while investing in a property, preparing a sale deed and document preparations will be available in the mobile app.

An exclusive feature of the mobile app will be ‘Registration of Special Marriage’ in which the Registrar will ‘Solemnise’ the marriage of couples, who belong to different faiths and backgrounds.

“Essentially, the mobile application is aimed at making it easy for public to access our services. In the coming months, more features and services will be added to T-Registration,” the Srinivasulu added.