Many takers for heartfulness meditation


Hyderabad: A group of 1,000 participants from different countries took part in ‘Heartfulness Meditation’ offered at ‘Kanha Shanti Vanam’ in Chegur village near Shadnagar.

The seminar hosted sessions by experts on various topics such as ‘Astanga Yoga’, ‘Being an intense Abhyasi’ (practitioners of Heartfulness), non-violent communication, spiritual journey and the ashram life at Kanha, according to a press release.

The members, who visited the event for a seven-day trip, were from all walks of life – CEOs and business owners, economists, professors, psychologists, engineers, students, artists, IT specialists and journalists.

Alla Revenko, a business owner from Russia, described heartfulness practice as a magic and added, “When you are focused and meditate, it makes big difference to the inner and outer conditions.”

French national Lubov Manulik said, “I am 64 and for me it is so important to feel happiness with people now and here.”

Heartfulness is an approach to the Raja Yoga system of meditation called Sahaj Marg or the Natural Path, later formalised into the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) in 1945. The mission is a non-profit organisation which provides spiritual training to interested seekers from around the world, through Heartfulness meditation, the release added.