Many innocent NRIs in Saudi fail to avail amnesty


Riyadh: Recently-concluded amnesty in Saudi Arabia has brought to the fore some legal proceedings against undocumented Telugu NRIs who claim that they were actually not aware of such cases. They come to know only when they tried to apply for the exit during amnesty, according to them.

The story of 64-year-old Yahya Musa, who hails from Ranigunj in Secunderabad, is strange. Musa had hired a car, who in turn rented it to one of his friends. After making several prompt payments, his friend vanished along with the car some six years ago.

As a result, Musa was held responsible for the car, which he did not know. Being a diabetic patient and suffering from multiple health complications, Musa attempted to return home owing to his deteriorating health but failed to do so as the case is pending against him.

When he tried to avail the amnesty, he found that there is a case against him for the non-payment of SR 128,000 towards rent which he had taken five years ago, according to him.
The case of Mohammed Afroz, a civil engineer, who is hailing from Warangal, is almost similar.

When he tried to leave the country during the amnesty, he had come to know that there is a traffic challan pending against him. The amnesty cannot be availed by those who are having pending civil, financial or criminal cases against them.

Another NRI, AR Krishna, a native of East Godavari, is stranded in Saudi as his attempts to obtain the exit clearance have failed for not paying the rent for a car which he had hired a decade ago.

After using the car for a month, the company which rented the car forcibly took away the vehicle from him as his firm failed to pay rent a decade ago.

Exhausted by running between various offices in Riyadh and Dammam to solve the case, now he is in a dilemma as amnesty concluded.

By the time he shelled out the hefty amount and acquired a clean chit from the case, the amnesty period came to an end. He expressed concerns over his status as the amnesty duration ended and he had no idea how he could leave the kingdom.