Manjeera and Godavari receive inflows for the first time


Nizamabad: Heavy rains lashed Nizamabad on Sunday, average rainfall of 8.93 cm was recorded in Nizamabad and average rainfall of 9.97 cm was recorded at Kamareddy districts.

Due to the rains several projects received good inflows, Manjeera and Godavari rivers received inflows for first time in this rainy season and Nizamsagar project received 2,947 cusecs.

Irrigation officials of lift irrigation projects Kalyani and Singintam, released 1,000 cusecs into Nizamsagar main canal. The project total capacity is 16.76 tmc.

While the full reservoir level for Kalyani project is 409.5 m, it has received 854 cusecs, project officials released 654 cusecs from the project by lifting 3 gates. While the full reservoir level for Singintam project is 416.55 m, project officials released 336 cusecs from the project.

Sriram Sagar Project received nearly 5,116 cusecs. The project total capacity is 90 tmc but now project has only 1.65 tmc water in the project.

Manjeera is gushing with heavy flood waters at Sallor bridge of Bodhan mandal and Godavari is overflowing at Yamcha bridge near Basar.

Manjeera and Godavari receive inflows for the first time

Apart from this many streams and brooks are gushing with rain water, in Rudruru Mandal Chikkadpally tank is overflowing, in Sirikonda mandal Dhayyam vagu is full to the brim, Varni madal siddapoor stream water is overflowing and has damaged a newly constructing culvert.

Average rainfall of 19.48 cm was recorded in Renjal madal, 18.4 cm in Navipet, 16.86 cm in Kotagiri, 16.24 cm in Varni and Rudruru, and, 14.86 cm in Bodhan mandal. Average rainfall recorded at Nizamsagar was 18.26 cm 13.33 cm in Gandhari, 12.12 cm in Bichkunda, 11.09 cm in Jukkal.

Farmers are happy, because paddy, maize and other crops hva egot a new lease of life.

Man washed away

A man on bike was washed away in gushing waters of Gujjal stream in Gandhari Mandal.
Devi Singh is a resident of Gujjul tanda runs a fertilizer shop at Gandhari mandal. He was going home after closing his shop, when the incident took place. NDRF teams are searching for him from Sunday morning, but could only find find his bike. Yellareddy MLA Ravinder Reddy reached the spot and had been supervising the searching process.

Rains lash several districts of Telangana

Continuous rains in Adilabad

Adilabad/Mancherial: Torrential rains were recorded in Adilabad, Mancherial, Nirmal and Kumram Bheem Asifabad districts from Saturday evening to Sunday.

According to information provided by authorities of Adilabad district, Neradigonda received 16 cm of rainfall, while Utnoor, Idervelli, and Narnoon mandals recorded somewhere between 5 cm and 10 cm of rainfall. Jainad, Gudihathnoor, Adilabad Urban, Talamadugu, Bazarhathnoor, and Ichoda mandals received below 5 cm of rainfall.

In Mancherial, Jannaram, Kotapalli, Chennur, Jaipur, Bheemaram, Luxettipet, Mancherial, Naspur, Hajipur, Mandamarri, Dandepalli, Kasipet, Bellampalli, Vemanpalli, Nennal, Thandoor, Bheemini, Kannepalli mandals registered downpours from midnight of Saturday to Sunday afternoon. Similarly, several parts of Nirmal and Kumram Bheem Asifabad districts witnessed moderate showers.

Several irrigation projects received heavy inflows. Kadem project recorded inflows of 14,079 cusecs. Other irrigation projects Swarna, Gaddenna, Mattadivagu, Kumuram Bheem, Sathnala, Matthadivagu, Gaddenna, Vattivagu, Gollavagu, Peddavagu, Rallivagu, Nelwai and minor irrigation projects of erstwhile Adilabad saw considerable influx of rainwater. Bridges across rivulets were washed away in certain parts of the district.

They brought cheer to both paddy and cotton farmers. It helped those who had not planted saplings due to prolonged dry spell. Cotton crops which were on the verge of withering were rejuvenated.

Sangareddy records heavy rain

Sangareddy/Siddipet/Medak: Siddipet, Sangareddy and Medak districts witnessed moderate to heavy rains on Sunday. 

Five mandals, Kalher received 151mm of rainfall, Sirgapur -151mm, Narayanakhed-134mm, Nagulagidda and Manoor- 96.4mm. The district has recorded one of the heaviest rainfalls of the season during the past 24 hours.

As all 26 mandals in the district experienced incessant rains during the period, Sangareddy recorded 48.7mm average rainfall. As all the 22 mandals in Siddipet district recorded rain during the period, the district recorded 33.7mm average rainfall.

Six mandals, Siddipet urban, Siddipet rural, Husnabad, Akkannapet, Thoguta and Mirudoddi mandals have recorded over 50mm rainfall.

Medak district recorded relatively less rainfall comparatively. Though Medak has experienced continuous showers across all the 20 mandals through out the day, the district has recorded slightly below 10mm of average rainfall. Meanwhile, the three districts continued receiving rains until Sunday night. The timely rains have rekindled the hopes of farmers as the three districts had recorded less than normal rainfall so far.