Mancherial: Piles of garbage dumped all over the town

An unofficial dump yard on the outskirts of Gauthaminagar, Mancherial

Mancherial: Large quantity of garbage is being dumped in open spaces and shores of Rallavagu stream due to lack of government dumpyard. This is causing inconvenience to civilians in particular those residing on the outskirts of the town.

It might give rise to seasonal diseases. However, authorities concerned are not taking concrete steps to address the problem.

Piles of garbage and leftover food, vegetables, plastic bottles, polythene covers and bags can be noticed in almost every open space across the town mainly on outerskirts. They are spotted across banks of Rallavagu, a stream which flows on the outskirts of ACC Colony, Gauthaminagar, and Reddy Colony. Empty coconut shells are found on both sides of bypass road. 

According to information provided by officials of Sanitation wing of Mancherial municipality, 50 metric tonnes of waste is generated every day in 32 divisions. Of it, 42 metric tonnes is being lifted with the help of 345 employees. Still, considerable quantum of the garbage can be found in several parts of the town. The town’s population is 1.10 lakh as per Samagra Kutumba Survey of 2014.

“Waste is dumped by general public and some eateries on the outskirts around vacant plots in Reddy Colony and Gauthaminagar, Padmashalinagar, ACC Colony, Laxmi Nagar and on the banks of Rallavagu. Consequently, stink is emanating from the garbage pile. People of these localities are facing inconvenience,” said a resident of Reddy Colony.

Residents of the town fear that dumping of waste can lead to break of dengue, malaria and vector-borne diseases. They want authorities of civic body to take steps towards regular clearance of garbage. They urged government officials to clear side drains. 

However, Sanitation Inspector Md Azeem told ‘Telangana Today’ that measures were being taken to ensure cleanliness in all streets of the town by deploying sanitation workers in all divisions. Similarly, spraying of mosquito repellents was being taken up to prevent water-borne epidemics. Chlorination would also be carried out soon, he informed.

Dumpyard site in court litigation

A 22 acre site identified for dumpyard at Vempalli village on the outskirts of the town is entangled in court litigation. As a result, authorities are finding it difficult to deal with the garbage menace. The town is growing following conversion of Mancherial into district headquarters and needs to take measures to keep the town clean.