Make your home office space cozy

Working for hours in the wrong chair can cause physical strain. Be sure to get one that provides lumbar support for the lower back.

Hyderabad: For several people, working from home has now become a part of their daily schedule. What started as a short-term plan to slow the spread of Covid-19 infection has become the new normal now. While many people set-up a small office at home, using the right ergonomics of the workspace is essential, especially to avoid physical or mental strain.


A long-term home office should ideally be a separate space in your home that is properly outfitted for work. Those who don’t have spare space, however, can convert the guest room into a dual-purpose space. Sharing a few tips, Renu Hasan, Architect, Siraj & Renu Architects, suggests using multi-functional furniture if you have a smaller space.

“A small space can easily accommodate wall-mount folding table that can double up as dining table as well. You can also use folding chairs that are easily available in the market.”

Lit space

As people get more used to the concept of staying indoors, comfort is indispensable. Renu adds, “A relaxing ambience can be easily achieved with good lighting, ventilation, soft-toned walls and greenery. Make sure your work space is near a window or balcony. That way, you can take some time from work once in a while and look outside.”

This way one can also use the natural light while working, saving energy. However, Renu suggests that for people working the night shifts, lighting plays major role in concentrating on work. Overhead lighting is usually best, such as from a ceiling lamp. “Make sure that the light is not too harsh, as it may hurt your eyes. Don’t place a lamp right next to a monitor, where you end up with competing light sources and possible glare. However, dim light is also not an option. So, ensure that lighting is distributed evenly across the desk. Likewise, make sure your monitor’s brightness is not too dim or too bright, both of which can cause eyestrain,” she shares.

Play with the colours

No one likes a dull, dark place of work. So why not make your home office interesting as well. The use of black and white is good, but try to add some colours. It is also important to choose colours wisely. Try to use bright and happy colours in that space. Yellows and pinks are always good to use. You can use black or brown chair as well as soft colour rugs.
It is also good to mix and balance the spaces, with some statement pieces. “In fact you can also go for laminates for the table rather than glass or wood. You can choose colour for the laminated to match your space. Also, these are much easier to maintain,” Renu advises.

A good chair

Working for hours in the wrong chair can cause physical strain. Be sure to get one that provides lumbar support for the lower back, and ideally has adjustable seat pan tilt, arm height, and lateral arm position.

There are many affordable options available in the market. However, while making sure that you get a nice chair, also ensure that the size of the chair is not too big, as that will cover all your work space. The chair should leave some space for you to move around as well.

Use outdoors well

While not all of us are blessed with the luxury of a garden or a terrace/balcony, the ones who do, must make the most of it. “If you have the space, why not use it. Access to a terrace or balcony office will relax you and also positively impact on your mental and physical health,” Renu adds.