Magical delights of Bhupalpally

Bogatha waterfalls. Photos By: S Praneeth Simon

‘Wasn’t it the best trip ever?’ quipped my friend on our way back home. Indeed, our trip exploring the Jayashankar Bhupalpally district was one of the most memorable trips we have had in a long time. Bogatha falls in Bhupalpally district kick started our journey in exploring every corner of the State.

Located in Koyaveerapuram G, Wazeedu Mandal, Bogatha Waterfalls was the first on our list. Also known as Telangana’s Niagara, Bogatha is known to be the second largest waterfall in the State. Surrounded by dense forest, hills and streams, one can see many tribal hamlets nearby and get lost in its beauty.

Falling from a height of 30 feet in several parallel streams on the dark brownish rocks, Bogatha is a photographer’s delight. It’s quite a trek to the falls and there is a temple here that you can visit as well. Barring monsoons, you can visit the falls anytime of the year. But our trip didn’t end with Bogatha, we expanded our itinerary heading towards what may be India’s third largest waterfall, the Gaddalasari falls.

The lesser known Gaddalasari waterfall estimated to fall from a height of 700 feet in a single stream is another major tourist attraction in the district. The falls are located about 25-30 km away from Bogatha. Do proper groundwork before visiting the place as there is no proper route map. You might need some local help. Be prepared to trek way more than you think. But the 9 km trek to the Gaddalasari waterfall is well worth the effort.

Rare variety of butterflies near the falls,

Bhupalpally as much as it’s known for its beautiful waterfalls, also has a lot to offer with its lush greenery. A few kilometres away from Bhupalpally, is the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary. The drive to the place is a dream surrounded by dense forest lands and proper roads. The place is ideal for a group or family outing. The department has many activities for groups and families with adventurous cycle rides and trekking. One of the oldest in the State, this wildlife sanctuary is something you just can’t miss during your trip.

The sanctuary located at a distance of 110 km from Warangal was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1953. It also has some historical significance owing to the existence of tree fossils in the Sarvai area and caves.

Counted among rare eco-regions around the globe that has various embryonic species of ephemeral elements, it is spread over an area of 806 sqkms. The perennial river Dayyam Vagu flows through it dividing the wildlife sanctuary into two parts. The abundance of water here also means a home for reptiles like the famous Mugger crocodiles and snakes like the Cobra, Python and Krait.

Eturnagaram road en route to Bogatha.

How to reach:

Bogatha is located 120 Km from Bhadrachalam, 140 km away from Warangal and 329 Km from Hyderabad. The newly constructed Eturnagaram bridge on NH 202 has reduced the travelling distance to 329 km from 440 km. So better take the highway to avoid confusion.

Places nearby:

Laknawaram Lake, Pakhal Lake and Ramappa Temple


Carry your own food and water. Wear proper shoes and hats.