Lucky to be part of Arjun Suravaram, says Lavanya

Lucky to be part of Arjun Suravaram, says Lavanya

After last seen in Krish directorial Antariksham 9000 kmph, actor Lavanya Tripathi was in a journey of self-discovery until she stumbled upon the script Arjun Suravaram. As she bets big on the project that has kept audiences waiting, Lavanya says she will be seen as a headstrong-woman journalist in Arjun Suravaram.

“After reaching a certain level in your career, people will be after you. And doing back-to-back movies is also not good. After Antariksham, I just felt a compulsion. And I have decided that until I feel that there is something in the script, I would not sign it. As a creative person, I can say confidence comes from a good script. At the end of the day, audiences like the character you do,” she smiles.

“The movie is going to be pacy,” she says of Arjun Suravaram, which features Nikhil Siddharth as an investigative journalist. Spotting loopholes in the education system, fraudsters form into a mafia to cash on the opportunity and earn crores of rupees with fake certificates.

Lavanya says that she had initially refused the offer. “When I first heard that a Telugu remake is being made from the original Tamil flick, I said I am not interested. Later, I said to myself ‘why I am so stupid, let me listen to the story’. The characters were really strong even though it is a remake. Compared to the Tamil movie, the Telugu one has so much to do. I also got a chance to perform stunts during a fight sequence,” she shares.

Lavanya says she will soon turn sporty as her next movie is a sports-drama tentatively titled A1 Express. “For this, I am learning hockey and bike-riding. It is going to be a new experience for me doing away from the regular roles. It is again an emotional moment for me as I used to watch my mother playing hockey during my college days. When I told her that I am playing hockey, she was very happy.”

“I am not a sportsperson, I play with my nephew who is representing the State in table tennis right now. I used to play badminton and cricket, I am a ‘jack of all, master of none’ kind of a person,” she laughs.