Lucifer: A twisted tale of choice and fate


The tale of Lucifer is something most of us are familiar with, the big bad devil from the underworld. As he gets terribly bored of his life in the deepest pits of hell and yearns for a different life altogether, Lucifer resigns from his throne, rebukes his father (God) and abdicates hell only to reside on Earth, in Los Angeles specifically. Here, he opens a night club ‘Lux’ and enjoys his time in the above world with all the worldly pleasures including women, wine and parties.

While what seems like a fun enough time, the story takes a terrifying turn as the devil himself finds himself developing the most spine-chilling human trait of them all — emotion. It is at his nightclub that he meets a homicide detective from LAPD and takes a liking towards her.

The series revolves around Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), the Devil who is a nightclub owner and a consultant to LAPD. While there, putting his experience (in hell) and telepathic abilities to good use, he helps humanity with its miseries and brings people’s deepest desires and thoughts out of them. The challenge comes in season 2 when Lucifer gets a message that his presence is required back home and he is torn between both the worlds. In the second season of this spine-chilling series, Lucifer and Amenadiel’s brotherly rivalry takes a back seat as they find themselves fighting for a common goal — to find their mother, who’s escaped Hell.

Towards the end of season two, Lucifer wakes up in the middle of the desert with his wings with no idea as to how he got there. As the series progresses into its third season, Lucifer goes to great lengths to figure out who kidnapped him and why, all the while continuing to help the LAPD solve cases that include murdered comedians, serial killers, and death in a casino.
The fourth season of Lucifer is currently streaming on Netflix with the question of ‘who is the new king of hell?’ being its turning point.