Looking through the crystal ball

What’s in store

There is a certain dedicated column in newspapers and magazines that always finds its way to people’s mind – whether it is extending a word of caution or just giving assurance.

Yes, we are indeed talking about the agony aunt that many look to for solutions and comfort – Horoscope.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many take their daily dose of coffee with this on the side.

While many talk about how it is fun to know more about yourself or just what the day has in store, others find it appalling that even in this day and age, people resort to others means than their own judgement.

Experts worldwide have suggested that positive predictions can have a good impact, it can reassure one about their future and lift them up, but negative forecast can have adverse effects.

For instance, reading that your day is going to be fabulous, adds that extra spring in your step, but if you know that your entire day is going down the drain, the fall starts even before you step into the outside world.

But why do people believe this? There is something called as ‘the Barnum effect’.

This talks about how people identify with specific traits given by astrologers or fortune-tellers and assume them to accurately depict them.

Due to this effect, one starts believing in predictions by this source to be authentic and accurate.

But, there is a chunk of populace who put their own ‘badass’ twist on this and make it fun.

This year, there has been a rise in this genre of predictions as opposed to the traditional forecasts.

The theme being — pick all the negative traits and make it entertaining. Websites like DailySocial absolutely nailed this and tickle the funny bone.