Look dashing in denim


With the heat steadily mounting, we have started running hither and thither to find ways to remain cool. Well, one way to ‘look’ cool is to incorporate some bright colours in your wardrobe. And when it comes to cool colours, nothing can beat blue. Hence, denim, especially skirts and frocks, is one wise option to concoct a chilled-out look this summer. Here is how to explore the denim options.

White, the best combo

White and denim, needless to say, is a classic combination. Its versatility is something that makes it popular. You can effortlessly sport a formal, as well as casual look, while exuding a fresh, pleasant vibe. If not for a white plain shirt, you can also go for t-shirts, tops or noodle-strap/tank tops. Darker shades of denim would look all the more appealing.

Suede for accessories

This is another shade that goes well with denim. Try to pick suede accessories like a hat if you are outdoor, shoes, boots (only if you’re comfortable sporting them in the heat), gladiator sandals or bags. While they go really well with the white and denim combo, it also looks great with other combinations as well. Hence, suede serves to be an option you can anyway bank on.

Denim & denim

While pairing denim and denim, there is a lot to be careful about. Explore the options of accessories to make the monochrome attractive. While you can opt for the same shades of denim, different shades from lighter to darker and washed also serve as great picks.