Saturday, September 18, 2021


Higher body weight linked with severe COVID-19 risk: Lancet study

People who were underweight (BMI less than 18.5) also experienced worse outcomes from COVID-19.

Researchers find avocado may offer route to leukemia treatment

"The cell relies on that pathway to survive," he said, explaining that the compound is a likely candidate for drug therapy. "This is the first time VLCAD has been identified as a target in any cancer."

Researchers suggest doctors should screen over-50s for cannabis use

This is despite some using cannabis every day of the year and others having mental health problems, according to a study of more than 17,000 people aged 50 and over in the US.

Study finds link between fish oil supplements, heart rhythm disorder

"Currently, fish oil supplements are indicated for patients with elevated plasma triglycerides to reduce cardiovascular risk," said study author Dr Salvatore Carbone of Virginia Commonwealth University, US.

High vaccination rate- key to future course of COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccination is making a striking difference in Minnesota and keeping the current level of positive cases from becoming an emergency that overwhelms ICUs and leads to more illness and death, according to a study published

Older adults found resilience during pandemic through community

If resilience is understood as the ability to see positives in the midst of a negative situation, then many of the study's participants demonstrated resilience during that time, the researchers said.

Breaking myths around oily skin

The Body Shop's range includes Vit E Gel Moisture cream for oily and combination skin, intense moisture cream for dry skin and Vit E moisture cream for normal skin.

Safe to vaccinate during, before or after menstruation

There is no scientific data available to prove the fact that it can change your menstruation cycle.

Men, elderly with diabetes at higher risk of death from Covid

The findings showed that men with diabetes were 28 per cent more likely to die with Covid-19 than women with diabetes.

Report highlights nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change

These conclusions, released today (29 April), form part of the Nature-based Solutions report produced by the British Ecological Society which will be published in full on the 12th May.

Hidden air pollutants on the rise in cities in India, UK: Study

Researchers used a long record of data gathered by space-based instruments to estimate trends in a range of air pollutants for 2005 to 2018, timed to coincide with well-established air quality policies in the UK

CoWIN portal for Covid-19 vaccine registration faces snag from first hour

“I tried for 30 minutes to get an OTP and even then I was unable to login,” said Jaswanth, a city-based entrepreneur.

Researchers find casual link between cardiovascular health and coffee consumption

Conducted in partnership with the SAHMRI, the team found that people with high blood pressure, angina, and arrythmia were more likely to drink less coffee, decaffeinated coffee

MSN Laboratories launches Favipiravir 800mg tablets

The field team of MSN Labs is also facilitating free home delivery in over 170 cities in coordination with local retail chemists for patient convenience, the company said.

Study suggests loneliness in men can lead to cancer

It has been estimated, on the basis of studies carried out in recent years, that loneliness could be as significant a health risk as smoking or overweight. Our findings support the idea that attention should be paid to this issue

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