Let’s break some rules, now

Fashion and style for Men
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Here are a few style rules all men need to delete and refresh for good.

Yes to button the bottom
Old-time fashion etiquette clearly states that men should never button the bottom (last button of the suit jacket). But, hey! That’s no longer valid. Men can button up and create that military look; you can unbutton the bottom when you sit. Having said that, it is absolutely okay not to button at all either.

Unmatch it up
Match your shoes and socks, pants and socks? Your style guide includes these? Well, it’s time to blur them and get fancy with prints and colourful socks.

Socks or no socks?
If you do not fancy wearing socks, then don’t. The rules have changed and you can walk around with no socks but do opt for pure leather shoes or use foot powder to keep away the odour. You can also get yourself the shoe liner socks, which don’t even feel like you are wearing one.

Sneakers and suits
Earlier, pairing up these two was a rare sight, but now we can see it everywhere. Get bold and casual with this set of outfit.

Denim over denim
This one is a major rule-breaker and you need to work this look someday soon. We all know that denim is an easy-to-wear style and it’s never out of fashion. Make it a point not to overdo it by adding denim accessory or shoes if you are wearing denim jeans and shirt. Know how to balance it.


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