Konam Foundation adopts new projects in Telangana

Konam Foundation

Nalgonda: Konam Foundation, a non-profit organisation working to help different sectors with robotic technology, now focuses on developing the tools to solve challenges in agriculture and education by using cutting-edge technologies.

Konam Foundation has earlier developed a tool to get the reports of blood samples instantly that helps various organisations, which are engaged in conducting health camps. It has also developed agricultural aid for mango-cutting robotic tool that can help in finding hidden mangoes on the tree with sensors.

Speaking to Tabloid Today, the founder of the foundation and roboticist, Konam Sandeep, a native of Nalgonda, informs that their current focused areas are on agriculture and education.
“About 67 per cent of India’s farmland is held by the marginal farmers with holdings below one hectare. With the lack of formal education, farmers in India have been facing difficulties in dealing with the modern agricultural challenges,” says Konam.

A majority of the marginal farmers do not possess abilities to do even the basic cost-benefit analysis as to make informed decisions, consequently leading to very high investments and low returns, thereby trapping them in a vicious cycle of indebtedness and poverty.

“We are building technology-based tools to help farmers better understand the risk associated with investing into a crop yield and to better optimise the available resources,” adds Konam. And to accomplish this, “we are using machine learning and cloud computing,” he adds.
In spite of several government-initiated schemes and existing public-private partnerships, “there is clearly a need to enrich the learning experiences for children,” he says. The foundation has conducted its first Virtual Reality (VR) session at Government High School at Shaikpet for students from standards VI, VII and VIII.