Know the rules to pay for the service at a restaurant


After that wonderful meal at the restaurant, comes the time to pay the bill. When paying the bill, it’s important to understand how much to tip the waiter as they can add a lot to their earnings.

Tipping, can not only be confusing, but awkward too. Though you may not be able to figure out the right amount to pay, you can get a fair idea with few guidelines.

The exceptions

Some places don’t entertain tips, so you might want to read their menu or sign boards as well. If they mention that you only pay what you see, then you can skip the tipping part unless you generously want to tip.

Service charge

Restaurants may automatically apply service charge in your bill, if it’s mentioned, you need not pay. Do not confuse it with ‘service tax’, which is a tax levied by the government.

Percentage is key

In most places, 10 per cent of your bill is expected as a service charge. But, it also depends on the total amount of your bill. If not, paying 7 per cent of the bill is also generously expected.

It can vary

Different countries have different tipping etiquette. So, before stepping out, you might want to learn a few rules the place lives by.

Dos and don’ts

Tipping is a way of appreciating the service you have been offered. It’s not you doing charity, so you can either hand-over the tip politely to the bearer or leave it in the bill check holder or on the desk.