Kiki challenge hits the fields

Kiki challenge

If there is one song that has taken the whole world by storm now, it has to be Canadian rapper Drake’s Kiki, do you love me? Not just because the song is catchy in itself, but because of a rather ridiculous trend that has emerged out of it.

Popularly known as ‘kiki challenge’, the trend saw people jumping out of moving cars and dancing along the pathways to the song, filmed by the person driving. In India too, it became an obsession with not only the youth but also the elders. However, owing to the risk that the action poses, traffic police of different cities have issued warning against trying out the stunt.

However, amidst the entire hullabaloo, there is one new ‘kiki challenge’ video that has now emerged and has sent netizens rolling on the floor laughing. The video shows two young men, who are ploughing the field, suddenly jump aside and start dancing to the song. With no risk involved, there is no reason for them to get into trouble either, while they send us on a laugh riot!