Kakatiya Heritage Trust launches a book on Ramappa Temple


Kakatiya Heritage Trust (KHT) has brought out a book titled, ‘Ramappa Temple – Crest Jewel of Kakatiya Art and Architecture’ written by Dr Choodamani Nandagopal, on the occasion of the visit of the UNESCO appointed ICOMOS Expert for evaluation of India’s 2020 nomination as a World Heritage Site.

The book was released by Jahnwij Sharma, Joint Director General of ASI during the presentation of the nomination of Ramappa Temple to the ICOMOS delegation by Kakatiya Heritage Trust.  The first copy of the book was given to the mission expert Vasu Poshyanandana who was in Warangal and Palampet on Thursday.

This book is a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Ramappa temple which is adorned with beautiful photographs and line drawings. This book , perhaps, only academic study after 1922 report of Ghulam Yazdani on the Temples of Palampet.

During opening remarks B.V. Papa Rao pointed out how important, the duty and role of the civil society to help conserve and promote the heritage. Choodamani gave a detailed presentation on art, dance and architecture of the Ramappa Temple, While Prof. Pandu Ranga Rao presented on geo technology and other scientific aspects of Ramappa Temple.

AR Suryanarayana Murthy presented the contents, outline and process of the dossier of the nomination.

ASI officials gave detailed presentation on how they conserved the Temple so far and how they will continue to conserve in future in all aspects. Dinakar Babu, Director of Heritage Telangana welcomed the delegates and assured all the help from State Government to promote the heritage of Kakatiyas.Kakatiya Heritage Trust launches a book on Ramappa Temple