Kainaz Jussawalla jots down seven secret tales

Kainaz Jussawalla

Capturing the dualities of the human nature, Kainaz Jussawalla jotted down seven interesting, intriguing and entertaining short stories in her debut book Coffee Days Champagne Nights and Other Secrets. The debut author visited Crossword bookstores to interact with the readers and share her journey with the book from its beginning to final print.

Talking to Tabloid Today, Kainaz shares that all the stories and characters are different from one another and out of the seven, three are set against the backdrop of Mumbai and others tell stories of humans from other countries.

All the stories are crisp as the author didn’t drag the story. The common thread that runs through all the stories is that everyone is trying to keep secrets and the stories have an anti-climax; it is a bit of a dark book. “In the book, most of the stories do not have a happy ending and I did it consciously. But yes, some do end on a happy note. I just wanted to portray the realities of life, as we all feed on romance and love but this is not exactly what happens every time,” Kainaz adds. She says that not everything goes as per plan and through her book she wanted to convey that particular fact.

The book will give you an insight into how different people react under difficult circumstances. The stories are about fantasies that are inside everyone. “First story is about a fangirl and some are inspired by the real-life characters I came across, as I am part of a cabin crew and travel frequently that gives me a chance to meet different people,” the author adds.

One who loves to delve deeper into the emotions will find a connection, she says, adding, “It is about Indians, foreigners, nuns, and I described about how they react on relationships and other situations. Some stories have planning, plotting and manipulation.”

Kainaz says that she is a happy-go-lucky person but some circumstances in her life were disturbing so she found that writing can make her feel better as she has been writing since she was eight years old and “this is how the book happened”. “I wrote whenever I could find time; my free time was mostly spent in the cafes where I was writing over cups of coffee. And I did spend some continuous sleepless nights in an attempt to write something interesting,” she shares.

The author took close to a year to complete the book and for her, the Twisted Souls is one of the stories from the book that had been difficult to write. The author is currently working on the sequel of Coffee Days… but it would not have any connection with any of the stories from the first book.