Judgemental Hai Kya shakes you with a twist in the end


Predictably black. Designedly type cast. Oh!! It is so angst filled with specialists in place it takes not much time to realize that Sybil is on the prowl. As film goers (in contra distinction to the group of identified cineastes) it is not difficult that the built-up layers take you by a twist at the finale.

She is an origami specialist and a dubbing artist who refuses to leave behind the celluloid characters at the studios. With multiple behavioral disorders our protagonist Bobby Batliwala is not just Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She is for most of the time distinctly Mr. Hyde evolving fast towards the multi character personality Sybil.

Ok, she has a past and a traumatic childhood told in black and white (another cinematic cliche repeated if not perfected), she has this friend who is supposed to be her boyfriend Varun (Hussain Dalal) but ends up being her agent to ensure she has enough films for dubbing. Lecherous film makers and the rest who do not fall in line with her temperamental vagaries are put in place. Into her house are new tenants’ newlyweds Keshav (Raj Kumar Rao) and Rima (Amira Dastur).

Our land lady Bobby also has a cockroach fixation and is chasing it all over the place. Her voyeuristic impulses are encouraged with the new couple at work. Dim lights, winds and rain add to the suspense and the audience if obliging is required to sit at the end of their seats as the mentally unstable (Oops sorry I may have just trodden on the feet of a Psychiatry Association!!) lady goes haywire at the drop of the hat.

She photo shops herself with the many characters in her life with a photographer for help. Why he is abetting her is not relevant. She leaves evidence all over the place. Well she is disturbed so anything works and nothing works as per the will of the film maker. Rima suffers an accident and dies. Bobby sees a conspiracy and screams murder. With her refusing to listed to the docs, her condition deteriorates.

She is thus off on a trip to Queens Land where cousin Megha (Amrita Puri) is waiting for her with her newlywed spouse. Bobby is shocked to see her erstwhile neighbor in his English Avatar. Now the film maker gets in a modern take at the Ramayana. The question for the audience to deal with: Is Bobby incurably hallucinated or is Keshav the wolf in sheep clothes. Either way it is the audience which is the victim. Listen carefully even if you are not a filmi genius to the back ground score of Mahishasura mardini and the ale falls like the origami collection of the actress. There is then the quick mayhem as the finale. The audience is not so much clueless as tired with the hate and violence and needless shriek and scream.

Raj Kumar is called upon to play the veiled guy. He has done it ever so often and yet is the one seemingly balanced guy in the script till even he loses it all at the climax. Great talent in the form of Bijendra Kala, Satish Kaushik Jimmy Shergill are reduced to props. Hussain Dalal makes best use of his screen space. The heroine as is only expected is a specialist in the kind of roles about which a character in the film says: You are not only hell bent on messing upon with your life but you end up messing up with everyone else. Some ring that!!