Jowar roti, the tribal taste

Jowar Roti
Tribal woman making jowar roti at Nalgonda. Photo: By Arrangement

Nalgonda: Tribal women are utilising their traditional cooking skill of preparing jowar roti to earn money by setting up roadside jowar roti selling points in Nalgonda. 

In the last six months, nearly 30 to 40 road side jowar roti selling points run by tribal women came up at different areas in the town. It is a main dish of the Lambadi community. With high demand for jowar roti, the tribal women, in a welcoming trend, are setting up the roadside selling point. Some of them are also the bread winners of their families.

The stalls run only in the evening and the tribal women would prepare jowar roti in traditional methods like their thandas. Preparation of jowar roti needs a special skill to flatten the jowar dough as rotis using their palms. Tribal women are known for this dish and hence, there’s a good demand in the market.

Dhanavath Kamalamma, a native of Ragadapa Thanda of Adavidevulapally mandal and who has also setup a stall at Ramagiri in Nalgonda informed that she has been preparing and selling the jowar roti for additional income. On an average, she would sell 100 jowar rotis per day and charge Rs 10 per piece. After all the expenditures of jowar flour and wood she would be left with Rs 200 to Rs 250 per day, which comes in handy during financial crisis.

Jugudam Leela, a native of Gasamdanda thanda of Gurrampode mandal said that her family shifted to Nalgonda so that she can send her child to school. She is the breadwinner of the family by running a road side jowar roti point as her husband is preparing for District Selection Committee (DSC) exam to secure a teaching job. “I usually sell 200 jowar roti per day,” she says.

“We cook the jowar roti on a hot tava with the wood-fired stove which adds to the special taste. “Hence, people prefer purchasing the roti prepared using wood”, she added.

Dhanavath Yamuna, a student of M Pharmacy says that she was running the jowar roti take away point on the road side at Ramgiri in the evening after her college. She says that there was nothing wrong in earning money with her traditional cooking skill of her community.


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