Jawaharnagar dumpyard capping intensified

Since 2009, the garbage from the city and its suburbs is being dumped at Jawaharnagar and the waste has occupied almost 400 acres.

Hyderabad: As the exercise to put in place a solution to the long-troubling situations at Jawaharnagar dumpyard picks up, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has decided to further intensify the capping work here.

The entire focus of the civic body is to have the vast acreages of the dumpyard covered scientifically before the onset of monsoon as rains, once they commence, might impact the work.

It was also decided by the GHMC to rope in the services of international experts in the execution of capping project at Jawaharnagar where the waste collected from the city was dumped for years.

According to the officials, Terra Consult Limited, which successfully executed projects of similar nature in different parts of the globe, including in Kuwait and the United Kingdom, is under active consideration.

The officials, however, do point out that executing the capping work at Jawaharnagar would be different from others and a challenge in itself given the huge spread. Since 2009, the garbage from the city and its suburbs is being dumped at Jawaharnagar and the waste has occupied almost 400 acres.

It is learnt the consultant agency gave a detailed presentation to senior authorities a few days ago on the procedure that could be adopted for capping. The practice suggested involved regulating layer placement, installation of geosynthetic clay liners, protective geotextile, geonet drainage level, placement of restoration soils layer, gas management system and leachate management system.

These layers will be established to arrest the possible flow of any leachate beneath and ensure the growth of vegetation on the top layer. “This exercise will also help in curbing air, sound and water pollution in the locality,” said a senior official from GHMC.

Last week, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Principal Secretary K Aravind Kumar inspected the capping works and directed the GHMC officials to complete the capping works before the onset of monsoon.

The Union government sanctioned Rs 25 crore in the first phase under Swachh Bharat Mission for taking up capping works at the dumpyard after the GHMC made an appeal for Rs 146 crore.
In addition to this, the corporation has also requested the Union government to increase the financial assistance from the existing 35 per cent to 50 per cent of the total project. Officials claimed that the Central government had in principle agreed to the plea.