Japanese woman impress Twitterati with flawless Bangla


New Delhi: An intriguing video of a foreigner fluently speaking Bangla is impressing many on the social media.

The video, uploaded on Facebook by user, Apurba Das, shows Sakura Ishikawa speaking fluent Bangla. Das captioned it: “A Japanese girl who loves Bengali more than many Bongs…”

In the 7-minute conversation with a Bengali man, Sakura shares information about her educational background, her profession, and hobbies among many other things. The video showed that she is equally fluent in Hindi.

Sakura is heard saying in Bangla: “Namaskar, my name is Sakura, I work with TCS Japan. I studied Bangla at Jadavpur University, they have a Bengali department. I used to live in Gole Park (Kolkata). I would walk from Golpark to Jadavpur.”

Sakura also mentioned: “I liked studying Bengali in Jadavpur and decided to pursue it long term. I lived in Kolkata from February to August before shifting to Delhi to learn Hindi.”

“I love Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Postmaster’. I love ilish maach (the Hilsa fish, favourite among Bengalis), but in Japan, we don’t have any fish preparations with mustard.

“I did not like roshogolla the first time I had it, but loved it the second time,” said Sakura Ishikawa.

The video has got over 4.09 lakh views and 10,000 shares. As the post went viral, Netizens were both surprised and happy with Sakura’s linguistic skills.

A user wrote: “Bengali language is sweetest language in the world.”

Another wrote: “It really feels good to see that our Bengali language and culture is appreciated and admired globally.”

A post read, “Wow, it was nice to hear Bengali from a non-Bengali.”

Another remarked, “I feel very proud to see this video as a Bengali.”