Naked Japanese man and others trending on social media now


Facebook diaries: A naked Japanese man and his unlimited talent

The 29-year-old Kazuhisa Uekusa is a comedian from Japan. In the past few weeks, his videos have gone viral and, despite him posing naked, people are going crazy over all the tricks he performs.

It started with his video where he puts a red cloth covering his private parts, and on top of it he places a cup and saucer. He then manages to pull the cloth without dropping the cup and saucer.

His other videos have him doing unimaginable tablecloth tricks. If you’re not put off by nudity, check out some of the crazy videos he uploads. The social media giant Facebook is abuzz with activity as users can’t seem to stop themselves from sharing and resharing his videos.
— T Takuangla Jamir

Twitter Chatter: Sushant proves his dedication again

Naked Japanese man and others trending on social media nowWhatever role Sushant Singh Rajput portrays, he makes a mark, and for some of these roles he undergoes rigorous training sessions too.

Except a few, Sushant’s movies did well and, most importantly, his characters have been appreciated, be it as Byomkesh Bakshi or MS Dhoni.

So, once again, Sushant has taken his character seriously and visited NASA where he’s currently undertaking training for his upcoming flick Chanda Mama Door ke.

The pictures posted on Twitter are totally showcasing the efforts and dedication the actor is putting in for his new role, which made Twitterati go gaga over him.

Obviously, his fans are once again expecting a great performance and an entertaining movie from him, though his last movie was a disappointment.
— Sweta Pendyala

YouTube Marvels: A riveting prison escape

Naked Japanese man and others trending on social media nowThe trailer of Lucknow Central is out and has given us all an exciting reason to wait for September.

The prison escape movie, directed by Ranjit Tiwari and produced by Nikhil Advani, starring Farhan Akhtar and Diana Penty in the lead roles, narrates the gripping story of a young music enthusiast, who gets accused of a murder case.

As he waits for the High Court trial for a death penalty in Lucknow central jail, suffering severe abuse, a band competition to be held in the jail comes his way.

The trailer throws thrilling snippets of him forming a band with his inmates, and how it becomes their escape route. Lucknow Central is produced under the banner of Emmay Entertainment.

With over 6,396,573 views in a matter of a few days, the trailer is trending high on YouTube.
— Keerthana B

Insta Tales: Coffee lover’s new best friend

Naked Japanese man and others trending on social media nowCoffee caviar is trending high on Instagram. These are coffee blobs that can be added to a dessert or a savoury dish and coffee lovers have fallen in love with it.

Instagram is inundated with pictures being posted by people who are enjoying this new flavour. More than the taste, people are falling in love with the way it looks. Small in size in a beautiful shade of gold, it looks adorable as a topping on the food.

Coffee caviar makes any dish attractive to the eye and pleasing to the palate. Pair it with the right combinations to get the best out of it.
– Jaya Vellampalli