Jammu & Kashmir announces measures to help state employees, public


Srinagar: With the Centre having eased the security curbs in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) ahead of Bakr-Eid on Monday, the state administration has also announced measures to help state employees as well as the general public.

A press release issued by the state administration said that Eid preparations in the state were as usual with all bakery/poultry/mutton shops open on Sunday and long queues being seen outside them. “Traffic is plying smoothly in Srinagar City,” it said.

According to a press release, the measures announced by the state administration are:

•Treasuries and banks are being made functional during this period even on holidays. ATMs are functioning smoothly, and it has been ensured that the cash is replenished on a regular basis and people are drawing cash as and when required.

•Salaries of all employees and wages of DRWs/casual labourers etc. are being released.

•G.P. Fund/pension/gratuity and other payments are being made.

•Payments for developmental works are also being cleared on priority.

•The delivery of vegetables/LPG/poultry/eggs has been ensured at door steps through mobile vans. Six mandies have been established in Srinagar City. Further, 2.5 lakh sheep on hooves are available for public for Eid-ul-Azha sacrifice. Elsewhere, the District Magistrates have made elaborate arrangements for Eid-ul-Azha.

•Ration ghats in every district have started functioning to supply ration to the general public. Out of 3,697 ration ghats in Kashmir Division, 3,557 have been made operational to provide ration to the public.

•Special and elaborate arrangements have been made for the safe and hassle-free return of Hajis from Saudi Arabia, for which flights will commence on August 18. All Deputy Commissioners have nominated their Nodal Officers, who will be stationed at the airports from August 18 for the convenience of the Haji Sahiban. Special helpLine desks will be established at the airports and at Hajj House for the convenience of Hajis.

•The government has made sufficient stocking of essential items. Wheat has been stocked to suffice for 65 days, rice for 55 days, mutton for 17 days, poultry for 1 month, kerosene oil for 35 days, LPG for 1 month, high-speed diesel (HSD) and motor spirit (MS) for 28 days.

•All the health institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary level are functioning fully with doctors and para medical Staff. Identity cards of the medical staff are being treated as movement passes. The medicines are also available in sufficient quantity in all institutions.

•Flights are operating as per schedule and air tickets are being treated as movement passes.

•Magistrates have been deployed at every critical place to act as facilitators for the convenience of the general public.

•300 special telephone booths are being established to help public to communicate.

•Adequate sanitation arrangements have also been made through Municipal Corporations and Municipalities.

•To ensure 24×7 electric supply and immediate restoration of faults/breakdown, sufficient staff has been deployed and all receiving transmission/ distribution stations are fully functional. Adequate equipment (transmission cables and transformers) are also in stock.

•To ensure water supply, staff has been deployed at pumping stations and filtration plants round the clock.

•For Eid preparation, all provision/bakery/sweet/poultry/mutton shops will remain open and cater to people’s demands.

•Liaison Officers have been activated through Resident Commissioner, New Delhi in various places, including Aligarh and New Delhi, to facilitate students from J&K communicate with their families.