What the Internet says about Indian stars at Met Gala

Met Gala

2018 Met Gala in New York was indeed a grand affair. This year’s theme ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ was tricky and challenging. As we looked forward to the event to see all kinds of creations, we sure weren’t disappointed.

The fundraising and showcase event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute was graced with designers and global celebrities giving their best. One person who stood out was singer-actor Rihanna. She nailed the look this year with her majestic bishop’s hat and Pope inspired dress — keeping style and the theme intact. Another star that saw a lot of positive comments pouring in was our very own PC. Her Ralph Lauren velvet gown and bejewelled hood made her look like a Goddess.

Priyanka Chopra wasn’t the only celebrity from India in the event, Deepika Padukone in her red high-thigh slit gown accessorised with diamond and pearl jewellery was also seen. But, not everything went well for the beautiful lady even this year.

Who wore it better (according to Internet)

If we have to go by the tweets and comments, PC managed to impressed the netizens more. Franklyn, a designer and stylist, says, “I feel Deepika’s look was elite and stylish, whereas Priyanka’s velvet gown was ancient and she looked like a Goddess.”

“I don’t have a favourite — they both have their own style and looked heavenly,” adds Franklin.
But, not everybody shares the same thought. Twitter was flooded with #DeepikaAtMet, where some alleged her for a paid advertisement and a few blatantly not just compared her with Priyanka, but also called her insecure for not trying to be experimentative.

Why the comparison?

Architha Narayanam, a renowned designer in the city says, “Priyanka’s accessory was beautiful — it’s just that (I felt) it didn’t suit her face, and Deepika looked stunning, but there was, unfortunately, nothing special.”

“Having said that, I wouldn’t want to compare the two because they have their own style and personality. Instead, we should be talking more about how the two women have been representing India globally,” she adds. Architha feels that comparison isn’t what they deserve after all the hard work they have both put in.

Similarly, Soumi, a senior quality engineer, says, “It’s not worth comparing when it only draws negativity. And, both of them did their best.”

There is clearly so much more than trolling and demoralising someone — we have better things to think and talk about.