Inspiring and engaging artists


For over six years, the Tree Huggers have built and engaged various art communities across styles and genres, with a simple goal “To Make Art A Mainstream And Sustainable Career”.

Hundreds of artists, volunteers, and passionate individuals have supported their idea that art can transform a community. And by harnessing the power of these communities, they hosted over 70+ events to inspire and engage artists and audiences alike.

With this belief, they started the Tree Huggers’ Carnival in 2018: an effort to unify the Hyderabad art scene into one big festival. The first edition featured 70+ creative entrepreneurs showcasing their work, engaging an audience of 2,000+ people.

The Carnival also featured four food trucks, a Human Library, live workshops, a pet adoption drive, a board game community session and a whole lot of community engagement. The Carnival had a three-pronged approach towards engaging the art community: “Educate. Inspire. Celebrate.”

For the 2019 edition of the Carnival, the team unveiled a brand new property 12 months in the works — Tree Huggers’ Conversations — where aspiring artists up-and-close to established artists in their fields, were brought together and created a cosy, collaborative environment that allowed conversations and inspiration to flow seamlessly.

This year’s event ‘Road to Carnival’ kicked off in May, with a Cassette session featuring the mighty Raghu Dixit Project as well as the talented songwriter Niteesh, followed by the first edition of the Tree Huggers’ Conversations, and they have a full calendar of events leading up to the second edition of the Tree Huggers’ Carnival.

The lineup of events at this year’s Carnival is as follows:

  • Workshops across various styles of art — throughout October/November/December
  • People’s Collective Episode 2 — November/December
  • Tree Huggers’ Carnival 2 — December
  • No Filter (Open Mic) at the Carnival