Indian-Americans protest against Pak-funded terrorism


New York/Hyderabad: Condemning the February 14 Pulwama terror attack, around 400 people, led by the Indian-American community staged a protest against Pakistan outside the United Nations in New York on Sunday.

People of all ages from different countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Israel took part in the protests, while some from Balochistan – a part of Pakistan, also expressed solidarity.

The protesters, while raising slogans against Pakistan sponsored terrorism, displayed placards and posters against brutal attacks in various countries including the 9/11 US attacks, Kabul US Embassy attacks, London bus and subway bombings and Germany embassy attack.

A Bangladeshi American from BHBCU (Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian unity Council) commented that half million Bangladeshi women were raped as war booty during Pakistan 1971 war and the world need to understand the scourge of Pakistan establishment.

Vincent Bruno, a Hindu American activist, also present at the protests said that, ‘India has a responsibility to her citizens and the world to end the state bred Islamic terrorism within Pakistani borders.”

Throwing a light of on the enormous cost to humanity across the world from Pakistan bred terrorism, the protestors presented statistics saying: As per 2015 statistics 47,000 people including security personnel are believed to have lost their lives due to Pakistan supported insurgency in Kashmir.

They demanded that UN should make Pakistan accountable for Pulwama, Mumbai and other terror attacks, to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism and ban all terrorist organisations operating from Pakistan’s soil.