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If you wanna be happy…

Happiness is a state of mind. There are a few people who spread happiness wherever they go. They look at life differently. Their outlook is to make the best of everything they have. You may already know some such individuals. Let’s look at some of the principles they follow.

Live in the present
People usually think that being optimistic or positive is the key. And it is true to an extent. “But this comes from the fact that they do not spend time in the past or the future, and just live in the present,” says Geethika Agastya, owner of Amarthi and a leadership and life coach. She mentions that one should always learn to accept life the way it comes.

Stay true to self
Often, people spend time trying to be someone they are not, just to impress others. This causes inner conflict which breeds frustration and unhappiness. “Staying true to yourself is about accepting your roots, strengths, passions, desires, and everything else that defines you as a person,” says Geethika. She also says that this does not mean people should not change at all. “People will evolve because they will want to be a better person,” she adds.

Sense of purpose & balance
“Ambitions and dreams are what we live for and they provide a sense of purpose and direction to life,” Geethika says. She shares that happy people are driven by their passion and dreams. But the word ambitious has a negative connotation to it. That is because, ambitious individuals forget to balance their drive to achieve with other things that matter in the wheel of life. “It is important to have a sense of purpose,” she adds.

Strong relationships
Maintaining relationships, bonding with family and friends are extremely important. Family and friends keep you grounded. We are always presented with choices. Choosing requires you to have the right set of priorities. “People who are happy, give a lot more importance to family time, and make time for others,” says the life-coach.

Spend time with self
We are in constant motion all the time. Enjoying your own company can be rejuvenating. Happy people are content being by themselves, and investing time in oneself helps build self-confidence.

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