A few hygiene tips for women to keep infections at bay

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Following basic hygiene is necessary for everyone because precaution is always better than cure. These simple and mindful body care steps will keep infections at bay, and enable you to keep the doctor away. Read on to find what all you can do to stay healthy and happy.

Menstrual hygiene

For women, menstrual hygiene is very important. Not keeping up with the hygiene procedure can lead to many other infections. Begin by avoiding cleaning private parts regularly; use panty liners during spotting, try using unscented pads or tampons, and change them every three hours. Taking bath every day during menstruation is advisable.

Keep up with makeup

Often, women forget to clean their makeup set, which is supposed to be cleaned whenever needed. Contaminated makeup tools can cause skin irritation and acne. Also, wipe your makeup off at the end of the day or event, and let your skin breathe because without doing so on a regular basis you will get eye infection, skin irritation and premature ageing as well.

Body care

Taking a shower daily, clipping nails and waxing regularly are a few things women follow to keep themselves clean. Clothing hygiene like wearing clean undergarments is essential. Even if you fail to shower, change the undergarments because it can cause fungal infections.