Hyderabad’s favourite weekend escapade


The lush green pride of Telangana, Vikarabad is famous for its multiple facets; fresh air, great landscapes, Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and Ananthagiri Hills. The hint of freshness finds a mention in the Wikipedia page about Vikarabad as, “Because of the air quality in Vikarabad, there was a saying, Vikarabad ka hawa, Lakhon Marizon ka dawa.”

Home to the second largest TB (tuberculosis) hospital in the country, Vikarabad has a lot more to offer now.

The GrassWalkHyderabad’s favourite weekend escapade

Hiding in the pristine landscapes of Gudpally village, Vikarabad, The GrassWalk is the ideal getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. Located just an hour-and-a-half away from Hyderabad has put this place on the bucket list of city’s travel enthusiasts. Situated on the edge of Damagundam forest, there is a plethora of wildlife in the vicinity. Owing to their eco-tourism theme, guests can either sleep in a tent or under the open sky gazing at the millions of stars.

Swethan Reddy, owner of multiple hospitality ventures in Hyderabad, visited this resort a while ago. He recollects his experience and says, “It was a very relaxing getaway. The only issue then was the access road. Big cars are bound to find it difficult and especially, if it’s a luxury vehicle then, be prepared for expensive repairs.”

Ananthagiri temple

Built almost 400 years ago, this temple is amidst the deep jungles of Vikarabad. There are many stories about the significance of this ancient and holy site. Some believe the Skanda Purana version involving Rishi Markandeya, while others refer to the dream of the Nawab, where the lord asked him to build this temple.

The breathtaking view that it offers makes this a must-see place. Devotees can take a dip in the small pushkarini situated in the temple premises. The deity in the Garbha gudi (inner sanctuary) is in a lying down posture, which is rare. An added attraction is the cave inside the temple. Like the ancient site, there are many tales about this cave as well.