16 drivers in Hyderabad banned permanently from driving

traffic Violators in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Repeated violation of traffic laws has resulted in a permanent ban on driving for 16 persons in the city. While two persons were handed over a similar punishment in November last year, which was the first time that such permanent bans were imposed on individuals from driving, the ban on 16 persons late last week was only the second time after the procedure of permanent cancellation of licences came into effect.

The ban was pronounced by the Third and Fourth Metropolitan Magistrate Court on January 20. “The offenders were found involved in more than three cases. Based on their conduct, they were banned from driving vehicles for life,” said V Ravinder, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic. In November, the driving licences of two persons were cancelled permanently and they were sent to jail. Along with them, the licences of 16 persons were suspended for periods varying from six months to one year as well.

From January 1 to 19, according to Ravinder, as many as 287 persons were caught on charges of drunk driving. Among them, 14 were imprisoned for non-payment of challans, while the licences of 16 were cancelled permanently, and those of 58 suspended, he said. Persons caught and convicted in drunk driving cases would face difficulties while applying for government jobs and face problems in obtaining passport and visa clearance as well, he said.

“Despite attending several counselling sessions at Traffic Training Institutes, some persons are repeating traffic violations,” he said, adding that the department would not spare such repeat offenders with strict action to be taken against them.