Hyderabad Metro: From brink of collapse to ready to chug

Hyderabad Metro Rail
Hyderabad Metro Rail. Photo: Surya Sridhar

Hyderabad: Conception to realisation has indeed been a steeplechase for the Hyderabad Metro Rail. Silencing skeptics, surmounting obstacles and at times, haunted by the shadows of dismay, the project is finally all set to offer a never-before commuting experience to Hyderabadis.

For HMRL Managing Director NVS Reddy, the journey with the Metro rail project has been an eventful one. There were attempts to halt the project in its tracks, and at one stage, some sections opposed to the formation of a separate Telangana State sought to link it to the agitation.

Reddy recalls how pressure was exerted for a report suggesting a separate State would sound the death knell for the Metro and that developers would drop the work. “But once the State was formed, the new government and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao provided unflinching support and the project picked up pace,” he says.

Bottlenecks facing the Metro Rail progress were tackled deftly and with commitment. “KT Rama Rao as the Minister for Municipal Administration was the best thing to happen to the Metro Rail,” he says.

The project faced several tough situations and as Reddy recalls, at times it appeared to be “on the brink of a collapse”. Experts scoffed at the idea of public private partnership for a project of such magnitude and as he remembers, “some termed it as a foolish pursuit”. But, all doubts were belied and the prestigious project is set to roll out on November 28, he points out.  “The Metro Rail is not just a transportation project, but an epoch-making project aimed at redesigning the city in tune with the Chief Minister’s vision of transforming Hyderabad into a global city,” Reddy says.