Hyderabad on a fast track

Photo: Surya Sridhar

Okkate piece… rendu kulalu rendu mataalu… hybrid pilla!

This popular dialogue from Shekhar Kammula’s successful movie Fidaa holds true of not just the pimpled actor who found her way into the hearts of millions by speaking pure Telangana dialect and set the screen on fire

with her spunk and vivaciousness, but also of the State where the movie was made and the city that lapped up the captivating dialogues.

Decked up in many festive hues, Hyderabad is all set to ring in Christmas cheer. But hey, these festivities aren’t new for us — they began a while ago when Telangana took birth and started taking baby steps towards further, overall, development. The zeal and fervour with which we celebrate Bathukamma and Bonalu now attributes a new stature to these festivals and takes them to a whole new level.

And it’s a dream-like time for Hyderabadis who can’t stop celebrating — for various reasons.

Warmth & hospitality

So, what makes this a time of true celebration of the spirit of Telangana? From a pure Hyderabadi perspective, it’s the warmth that we spread around, our easy-going nature which makes out-of-towners feel welcomed in a strange city, our mindset of embracing new things with open arms — and the list goes on!

It’s this warmth and hospitality — extended so courteously to none other than Advisor to US President Donald Trump — that melted the heart of Ivanka Trump! If Ivanka charmed the delegates of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 with her oratory skills, our city and its people wooed them with our cordial attitude and genial demeanour. The large-scale event hosted in the city serves as an example of how Telangana, and Hyderabad, can find a pride of place in the world map quite effortlessly.

Congregation of best minds

The boom that the city is witnessing currently is not just in the IT and start-up sector, which are given an impetus by the T-Hub, but the crème de la crème from various sectors, across the world, are eyeing Hyderabad which is poised to become the next big thing! The skyline of the city is changing — what used to be a city of minarets once has now being dotted with gigantic skyscrapers.

The World Telugu Conference is the icing on the cake as Telangana has rolled out the red carpet and is showcasing Telangana hospitality. The Indian Science Congress set to be organised in January first week is just another feather in our cap.

Multiple sectors, much growth

Be it fashion, beauty, sport, academics, transportation, IT — you name the industry and the State has something to boast about. While Sindhu won the India Open and topped that up with Korea Open, Malavath Poorna did the State proud by conquering the Mount Everest.

While speaking about transportation, can Metro Rail, the newest pride of Hyderabad, be left far behind? Reams and reams of paper have been used to tell the tale of the latest addition to the transport sector. With the launch of the metro rail, the State government’s hopes of bringing Hyderabad on a par with other metro cities and push it into the big league have taken a solid shape. And now, it’s time to travel smoothly into the next phase of development.