Hyderabad Cybercrimes police chip in to trace origin of video


Hyderabad: The Cybercrime police chipped in to verify the source of a video getting viral on social media about desecration of religious places and killing of some animals.

Two days ago, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) V Satyanarayana said such videos posted on social media were fake and advised people not to believe in them and asked such content to be immediately informed to the local police instead of forwarding to others.

He said no such incidents as was suggested in the videoes took place in old city or other areas of Hyderabad. “This video is fake. Muharram mourning days and Dasara navaratri are being observed in a peaceful and harmonious way,” he said.

Satyanarayana said the police department would trace the culprits who are spreading these wrong videos and take stern action against them.

South Zone Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police K. Babu Rao said the cybercrime police were looking into the case to trace the origin of the video. “As of now, we have not arrested anyone related to the circulation of video,” he said.

When contacted, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Cybercrimes) K.C.S. Raghuveer said, “As and when we come across controversial videos, we put a request to managements of social networking sites to delete the content immediately”.