Hyderabad to create cyber warriors for the world

Cyber Security

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Security Foundation (HSF) which is creating the country’s first cyber security cluster Hyderabad Security Cluster (HSC) is going to address the growing cyber threat that is experienced in wide ranging sectors such as banking,healthcare, power, telecom and retail. The cluster will use a bub and spoke model connecting smaller cities and towns across India.

HSC founding father/member and E2 Labs founder Zaki Qureshey, told Telangana Today, “While advanced countries are making significant investments and efforts to improve capacity building in cyber security, its time India do its bit. The country has proven its capabilities in software development and services, and there is much more to do in the cyber security space. At a time when the world is tightening its regulations to secure data, we should have mechanism to not only tackle cyber-attacks but to prevent them.”

There is a wealth of knowledge and skill base available, globally, and India can gain from worldwide co-operations and collaborations. HSC, which has partnered with Hague Security Delta (HSD) of Netherlands will be able to know and implement best practices in cyber security.

HSC which has brought IT industry, academia and cyber experts on to one platform will not only work on research and innovation but will also produce skill ready professionals. The cluster will address the needs of the nation which requires 2 million cyber warriors. It will also capture a bigger pie in a multi-billion cyber security market in the country that is growing year-on-year, he added.